Half of older Americans with hypertension don’t check their BP regularly

Less than half — 48 % — of older Americans who’ve hypertension (hypertension) or a well being situation associated to their blood strain check their blood strain regularly, in keeping with research printed within the journal JAMA Network Open.

That was discovered to be the case despite the fact that most of them (62 %) mentioned that they had been inspired by their doctor to do home monitoring. High blood strain can result in critical well being issues, however it often has no signs, amping up the significance of testing.

The findings stem from knowledge from a nationally consultant pattern of 2,023 individuals ages 50 to 80, half of the University of Michigan’s ongoing National Poll on Healthy Aging. Some contributors had hypertension solely, whereas others had such well being points as diabetes, coronary heart illness, coronary heart failure or kidney illness.

Over 1.2 billion people around the world suffer from hypertension

High blood pressure can result in these situations and others, reminiscent of imaginative and prescient loss, reminiscence issues, dementia, stroke and even dying, however the researchers famous that dwelling monitoring has been linked to raised and decrease blood strain readings.

A blood pressure test measures the power that the center makes use of to pump blood all through the physique. Test outcomes are expressed in two numbers, with the primary representing the quantity of strain that the stream of blood places on artery partitions as the center beats (known as systolic blood strain) and the second quantity representing the strain on artery partitions whereas the center rests between beats (diastolic strain).

The American Heart Association considers a studying of 120/80 to be regular blood strain and constant readings of 130/80 or larger to point hypertension. About 70 % of U.S. adults 65 and older have hypertension, however many have no idea they’ve it, in keeping with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This article is an element of The Post’s “Big Number” sequence, which takes a quick take a look at the statistical facet of well being points. Additional info and related analysis can be found by means of the hyperlinks.

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